Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How long does it take to photograph a space?
A. Still photography or a basic 3D/360 VR tour takes about 30 minutes for each service. HDR still photography or an enhanced 3D/360 VR tour takes about 45 minutes for each service. Videos are created in post production so do not increase time on-site, but a 360/3D tour is required for a video tour to be created.
Q. Do you offer other services?
A. I also offer Floor Plans and Google Glasses functionality for 3D / 360 tours.
Q. How long does it take to create a video tour?
A. Videos are created in post production so do not increase on-site time needed.
Q. What is the turnaround time?
A. Two days for a complete package, digitally delivered.
Q. How far will you travel? Do you add a travel fee?
A. The core area served is CT, MA, RI and parts of NY. Travel guidelines can be found at the bottom of the “About” page of this website. If you have a special or large project please contact me and we can discuss the best way to proceed - I love to travel!
Q. Do you have a day rate?
A. No, but services can be bundled for significant discounts.
Q. How does weather affect interior photography?
A. Weather, unless unusually severe - has very little affect on interior shots.
Q. Is there a best time of day for photography? Can it be done at night?
A. Interior photography can be done successfully at any time of day - or night.
Q. What do I need to do to prepare a space for photography?
A. Organize the space. Make sure all the lights work. Clean glass cabinets and windows. Clean bathrooms and kitchen spaces.
Imagine you are hosting a dinner party, how would you stage your home?
Q. What does it mean that you are a “Zillow Certified Photographer”?
A. A certified photographer has has their work reviewed by Zillow professionals and have passed a quality test. They receive training in Zillow offerings and products on an ongoing basis.
There are currently less than 800 certified photographers nationwide.
More info here: https://www.zillow.com/info/zillow-certified-photographer-rules-and-guidelines/
Q. Do you offer other types of photography?
A. Yes! I am also a portrait photographer.
You can view some examples here. (Opens in a new browser window)
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