black & white wedding photography

a unique & classic tradition

Digital cameras offer advantages over film cameras, faster ASA speeds, auto focus, superfast motor drives, etc. But the great tradition of black and white wedding photography has been nearly forgotten.

Working exclusively with film for over 20 years taught me how to make every picture count. Working with digital cameras and printing technologies since 2001 allows me to recreate film’s unique look and feel from a digital file.
In addition, shooting with fast, single focal length lenses - not large, slower, more cumbersome zooms - allows photography without a flash, which is far less intrusive to the wedding.

Instead, the photographer becomes a quiet observer, recording the story behind the story and allowing my entire focus to be on creating timeless and unique wedding images.

This approach combines the best of the beautiful vintage look of black and white film, using the latest modern technology.

A frequent comment is, "How'd you get that picture? I didn't even know you were there at the time."

Your wedding is yours, not the photographer’s.

Unique, classic, timeless images - unobtrusively captured.

• Contact me to discuss your plans.

As an artist, I've spent my life working to increase my sensitivity and decrease information overload.

Consequently I'm not on Facebook.

I am easy to contact and talk with. Call or email and we'll discuss your plans & ideas, my working style and how photography can make your wedding day last forever.

• Portrait & Wedding Packages

Vintage black and white images
  • These pictures look as though time has stopped. When I looked at them it puts me back to that moment exactly and I could feel the feeling at that moment…

    mother of the bride

  • Wow! What an adventure. Thank you. Your talent is insane. I'm speechless.

    unsolicited email

  • I can't get over these pics!…

    wedding client

  • I can't stop talking about them.

    unsolicited email

  • Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

    Aaron Siskind


How the process works

• Email or phone inquiry. I will do my best to answer any questions you have. Describe your wedding vision to me and we'll discuss whether we might be a good fit. Next, we schedule a face to face meeting to confirm your wedding details and further discuss your wedding vision and how the photography fits into it.
• We review and sign a contract, a 10% deposit is made.
• Engagement portraits are taken, processed, reviewed and put online after about a week if digital.
(please allow two weeks for film)
• Final images are chosen, and digitally printed and delivered. Classic engagement prints are output and delivered.
• Wedding day photography.

• All files are delivered online with photographer's choices. (
please allow 1 week)
• Digital printing of your chosen images. (
approx. 2 weeks)
• Classic only - Final printing of images onto watercolor paper.
(approx. 2 weeks)
• Final online delivery of digitally printed wedding album and delivery of archived files.
• Classic only - Delivery of wedding album prints. (
approx. 2 weeks)