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The work is divided into portfolios. Some represent distinct concepts and ideas, and are finished, and some continue to grow and evolve.
Portfolios are really just people, places and things that I love, united by an idea that helps me notice them when they appear.
  • Eternity is in love with the forms of the world.

    Joseph Campbell

Bodies of work that become exhibitions come together in unexpected ways. What am I noticing? Where am I? What's disappearing? What seems mysterious? The problem isn't ideas, it's staying focused, moment to moment, but also for years at a time while, image by image, a series solidifies. When I'm working on a series, certain things speak to me in a hidden, long forgotten language, the language of dreams & myth.
selected portfolio
springtime mannequins is part of a much larger mannequins series, which has lasted nearly twenty years, following me wherever I go.
selected exhibition
Flowers on a windowsill
in Place, in Time was the inaugural exhibition at Eastern CT State University’s Art Gallery, celebrating the opening of their new Fine Arts Building. This exhibition related my photography to the paintings of American Impressionist, J. Alden Weir, revealing deep & unexpected connections.

More portfolios coming soon!