Manichino Primavera
Springtime Mannequins
from Latin primus ‘first, earliest’ + ver ‘spring’
I've always liked mannequins, silent witnesses to our constant rushing around - both messengers of popular culture and receptacles of our projections. Unable to change expression, at the mercy of whatever circumstance has provided, their presence never fails to delight and surprise me. It always feels as if I am capturing an incredibly thin slice of a much slower and more mysterious kind of time - mannequin time.
They provide, in a very real sense, a form of meditation for me, saying "Look! Pay Attention!" It’s also a way for me to make my urban landscapes have mythological meaning - mannequin icons.
Mostly I do my best to get out of the way of what's in front of me and let the mannequin have its say - mannequin truth.
The current featured series, Manichino Primavera, or Springtime Mannequins, is inspired by Botticelli's painting, Allegory of Spring.
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Beauty Holding Grace & Delight in balance Porte De Montreuil, Paris


Chloris Breathing life Saint Ouen, Paris

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Flora Bursting into bloom Greenwich Village, NYC


Delight Gazing in happiness Villeray, Montreal


Mercury Gaze elevated Newbury Street, Boston

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Venus Her will supreme Monte Napoleone, Milan


Zephyr The spring breeze 5th Ave, NYC

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Cupid His aim unerring Prague, Old Town


Grace Chaste & pure Prague, New Town